Master of Science (M.Sc.) Nursing

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Nursing

Duration of the Course : Two Years (Four Semesters)

This programme is designed for experienced graduate nurses to develop higher competencies in professional nursing. The courses of study include teaching in Administration, Education, Research and specialization in selected clinical nursing areas through creative and independent work. The programme aims at developing leadership abilities in these areas.

Areas of study include Educational Foundations, Psychological Foundations, Nursing Foundations, Measurement & Evaluation and Statistics. Human Relations, Advance Nursing Education, Advance Nursing practice, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing Elective.

Student are offered practical experiences in nursing, teaching communication  skills,  planning  and  organizing  nursing programme. Each student is required to submit a written report of research study conducted by him / her during the course under  the  guidance  of  faculty  members  of  the  College. Students have regular practical experience in the clinical field during the year and summer field experience of 4-5 weeks after  the  second  semester  examination.  Often  the  field selected for summer experience is located outside Delhi. Expenses for this experience shall be borne by the students
and / or sponsoring agency.

Examinations are held in four parts at the end of each semester. There are total 12 theory papers, three practicals and a thesis with viva-voice. However internal assessment is done  continuously  throughout  the  academic  session  by conducting term tests, assignments, seminars, workshops, research projects and field study reports etc.